Charge calculation

Add raw materials and define your limits for the quality you need. Any set of chemical elements you work with will be kept by ALEA when you run your casting charges.

You can:

Take control of your losses by chemicals, furnace and materials

Add the limits for any mix of chemical elements, not just for industry standards, like Carbon, PREN..)
but as well for your own. There is no limits for formulas and they can be 100% custom.

Track you charges and keep your know-how to get better as your data grows.

“We are very pleased with the results obtained from the use of ALEA. We have amortized the cost of the software within 30 days since the installation.”

Jair Alves, Chemical Technician in FAINOX


Send us your data! We will be happy to run a test simulation for FREE, then you can see it by yourself.