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AMV ALEA is a software developed by AMV Soluciones, a Spanish company based in Vigo, with a long experience in the development of IT solutions oriented to the industry, and especially to the foundry sector.

Research and development

Passion for Mathematics

AMV Soluciones was born from the passion for mathematics, with a clear commitment to innovation, always seeking to achieve operational excellence and the best optimization solutions. Our activity is focused on developing the best tools to optimize the industrial production system by: reducing costs and time, rationalizing resources, improving processes and quality control.

Working on research and development together and sharing experiences with centres of technology, universities and companies around the world, took us to a better understanding on the industry needs to aggregate values to the production process.

Optimization in software

More products from AMV

Software for planning, programming and monitoring processes.

4.0 system for sensorization, data collection and analysis in real time

Software for real-time simulation that predicts metallurgical quality directly on the production line.

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AMV Customers Experiences

“Incredible results as lower costs melting and alloying, with Alea perform load calculations based on mixed scrap that give us incredible results at lower costs melting and alloying.”

Ernesto Macias Diaz Director of Sales in Metales Sa de Cv


“With Alea we were able to change our purchase of materials without fear. It allowed us to minimize costs by choosing the raw materials that best adjust to our production.”

Jose Manuel Gómez, Production Manager in Fundiciones Universo


“With ALEA we are able to produce all our alloys catalog with optimal cost and, the most important thing, ensure quality and eliminate calculation errors. It also allows us to adapt our charges quickly to specific customer requirements.”

Javier Arcelus, CEO in Fundición en Cáscara Mein